Forklift Trailers

Forklift trailers are essential in transporting good and equipment to work locations where they are needed. Ensuring a specialist forklift trailer is used reduces the risk of any damage or instability that may occur during the transportation process.

These trailers are manufactured to meet the tough demands of carrying, and as such they provide a robust platform for loading. Due to the different natural and design of forklift truck, our drawbar assemblies are specifically designed to ensure maximum maneuverability without causing damage to the forklift or the trailer.

All of the forklift trailers manufactured by Alexander Trailers are designed specifically to meet the requirements of individual work environments. Due to the many different models of forklift currently available, our designs are bespoke to the needs of the situation. If you would like to talk to one of our experts to discuss your haulage requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

forklift trailer

Model IP38ST – Deck size 3048 x 2440mm single turntable skeletal deck construction and twist locks at each corner,designed to have a compressor unit attached for transportation between working sites.

Model IP50EP

Model IP50EP – 5 tonne lifting capacity with an elevating platform, the flat bed would move under the palletised load and then elevate by up to a 150mm to allow the load to be safely and effortlessly moved around a factory.

Model IP50TT

Model IP50TT – Twin turntable platform trailers 5,000kgs load capacity, platform dimensions of 4000mm x 1200mm, keruing hardwood decking and a 30mm towing eye used to transport pumps through the production line.

Model IP12CS

Model IP12CS – Capacity 1200kgs this trailer is towed by a counterbalance forklift truck and designed to move wheelie bins and containers around the basement of a large shopping centre in Liverpool.