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Efficient Secure and Protected Delivery of Parts and Product

For over half a century, Alexander Trailers Limited and Handling Aids Limited have been providing custom-designed trailers to the aerospace industry. Whether you need to transport finished parts or supply component parts directly to the line, we have a solution to meet your specific needs. Our trailers can be used both internally and externally, reducing the need for manual handling and enabling smooth movement of parts around the site, regardless of the terrain.

How to protect your load

We were presented with a difficult challenge of transporting a load with precise requirements and strict parameters across a congested site from storage to installation. 

On this specific project, the entry point was limited in terms of width and height, and manoeuvring through the site posed a significant challenge. Moreover, the load was palletized on the customer’s own pallets or trolley system, and we needed to move it around the site on an air ride system that could be lowered to ground level for safe and efficient loading and unloading. 

By utilizing this system, we were able to substantially decrease the reliance on forklift truck movements and other material handling equipment, streamlining the entire process and improving efficiency.

How Alexander Trailers can Benefit your industry

  • Safe movement of loads from 100 kgs up to 50,000 kgs
  • Early involvement in scheme design and feasibility 
  • 3D design and modelling
  • Finite calculations and modelling
  • Smooth and controlled movement of parts around site
  • Increase in efficiency.
  • Reduction in Material Handling Equipment

Industrial Trailers

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