Custom Built Commercial & Industrial Trailers

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    Custom built trailers 
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    Encloased Box Trailers 

Alexander Trailers Manchester, design and manufacture custom built trailers to solve every type of load carrying problem, with trailers capable of carrying payloads from 100 kgs up to 50,000 kgs. All of our clients and end users have one thing in common – a requirement for a trailer that simply can’t be bought of the shelf, though we do also sell a range of standard trailers too!

Custom Built Transportation To Carry Any Load

To ensure a customised trailer is fit for purpose, we make sure that we consult with our customers about every aspect of the build. We start the process by determining when and where a trailer is to be used, looking at major factors such as loading height, towing vehicle, capacities, load configuration, wheels / tyres and access, all to ensure maximum control and maneuverability.

Once we’ve built these requirements into the design, we can establish other details such as platform construction, ride requirement, braking and lighting. It all adds up to a trailer design that’s completely suited to it’s working environment; this means a more efficient load carrying solution and more satisfied customers.

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Whatever Your Load Carrying Requirements, We Can Help!

Contact Us NowIf you are looking for a highly experienced designer and manufacturer of all kinds of commercial and industrial trailers, get in touch with us, we can help. See some of the bespoke trailer designs we’ve made for clients in the past.