Box Trailers

Alexander Trailers design and manufacture box trailers suitable for protecting and securing almost any type of load, and can be designed to meet your individual requirements. Whether you need to protect cargo from the elements or to enable transportation, we can help. Hydraulic or manual loading options are also taken into consideration.

Box trailers are durable, easy to maintain and maneuverable for complete efficiency. These trailers can also provide secure storage solutions for valuable loads. They can be designed with easy access and loading in mind. All of our trailers are custom made to meet your industrial needs and box trailer in particular, are a highly popular choice for transportation and storage.

Box Trailer Manufacturers

Below you will find details of some of the kinds of box trailers that we design and build. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, we can manufacture you a custom trailer. Get in touch with us here.

  • Box trailer with doors
  • Specialist box trailers
  • Mesh sided box trailers
  • Box sided trailers

Box trailer with doors Specialist box trailerBox trailer with mesh sides

Box Trailer

Model IP50ST – Boxsided Trailer. 1 of 3 purpose built trailers for transporting large quantities of stationary / equipment around a large government site.

Model IP50TT

Model IP50TT – Boxsided Trailer. 5000 kgs capacity complete with twin ackerman steering for greater manourability in confined areas.Lockable shutter door.

Model IP10ST trailer

Model IP10ST – Boxsided Trailer. Deck size 1900 x 1600mm with 2000mm headroom,GRP roof with bonded roof sticks and a full width and height tail ramp.