We Build & Manufacture Cargo Trailers Too!

Here at Alexander Trailers, when we say we can build you any kind of trailer that you might want, we really mean it!

We can build cargo trailers to secure and transport almost any type of load, whether this is for heavy industrial plant machinery or for carrying general goods and equipment. Cargo trailers can also be used to safely store tools and machinery onsite or carry goods around large sites.

Alexander Trailers will develop a cargo trailer to your exact specifications. We take into account critical factors such as how, where and when the trailer will be used. Loading requirements, load weight and height, access and transportation needs will also be taken into account as well as any conditions that are unique to your company or equipment. Our cargo trailers can provide load carrying solutions that are tailor-made to your business needs.

Check out some examples below, or get in touch with us to find out more here.

Flat bed trailer

Model IP50TT – Cargo Trailer with twin turntable steering and a keruing hardwood decking and a 30mm towing eye with T handle are used to transport pumps through the production line.

Cargo trailer

Model IP10ST- Cargo Trailer deck size 3500 x 2000mm single turntable and a load capacity of 10,000 kgs, over-run braking system and rope hooks around the perimeter to help secure the load during transit.

cargo trailer

Model IP5TA – Cargo Trailer Designed to carry a uniquely shaped 5,000 kg payload within an chemical plant,twin Ackerman steering allows the load to be safely transported around the plant with the minimum of effort.

Model IP200TT

Model IP50TT – Cargo Trailer designed to carry steel coils, specifically for use with overhead cranes, the curtain cover is on rollers and hoops to facilitate the loading.