Material Handling Trailers

Material handling trailers are used within the workplace to transport materials safely and securely, both internally and externally. Many different sizes of material handling trailers are available. The most common is the platform trailer due to its open-sided design which allows ease of access during loading and unloading.

Our trailers offer a strong base and flexible maneuverability to help make the transportation of loads much less strenuous. Each of the trailers we manufacture are designed specifically to meet the demands of the work environment it is needed for. This means each trailer is bespoke to the situation. If you would like to discuss your material handling trailer requirements in further detail, then please contact us today. See how we can help your business become much more efficient around the workplace.

material handling trailer

Model IP150TT – Deck size 5250 x 2000mm twin turntable capacity of 15,000 kgs, 6mm thick mild steel chequer plate deck with 4nr removable bulkheads which house 280mm roller journals to store and transport impress rollers.

Model IP5TA.

Model IP5TA – Trailer required to carry a uniquely shaped 5,000 kg payload within an industrial chemical production plant, the V deck design and twin Ackerman steering allows the load to be safely transported around the plant with the minimum of effort.

Model IP200TT

Model IP200TT – Manufactured to carry steel coils, specifically designed for use with overhead cranes, the curtain cover is on rollers and hoops to facilitate the loading and to protect load.