Spares and Axle Assemblies

Alexander trailers are experts in spares and axle assemblies. We can design and manufacture assemblies in whatever size, shape or capacity desired to transport your load securely and safely. Trailer axles can remove the need for expensive lifting equipment. This makes it possible to move pieces of plant that would usually be static or free standing.

Replacement Axle Assembly Parts

Trailer axle assemblies allow the unit to be towed singularly or in multiple units. It uses removable drawbars and can be towed from either end. Dependent on size, the units can be maneuvred manually with the use of a T-handle or it can be towed behind a forklift truck or tow tractor.

In order to develop the most effective trailer axles, assemblies are tailor-made to suit each piece of plant machinery, to suit each company’s specific requirements. Purchase options for axle assemblies include purchase, lease, and lease-purchase, all of which are available with or without maintenance options.

Contact us today and we’ll help you find the right spare or replacement part for you!