Process Trailer

Process trailers are commonly used within the work environment or production line. They assist in the transportation of loads between stations. The process trailer offers a design that allows fast loading and unloading. This ensures the production is not slowed down in the workplace. They are designed to work effectively within busy environments.This kind of trailer is perfect for quick transportation.

Each of the process trailers offered by Alexander Trailers can be custom built. They can be as small or large as needed to be, so that they meet the load-carrying requirements of your business. Contact our experts today to discuss the specification of the trailer you desire.

Process Trailer

Model IP5TA – Required to carry a uniquely shaped 5,000 kg payload within an industrial chemical production plant, the V deck design and twin Ackerman steering allows the load to be safely transported around the plant with the minimum of effort.

Model IP120TT

Model IP120TT – Deck size 3500 x 1500mm twin turntable and a capacity of 12,000 kgs, this trailer has 2nr removable skeletal frames located on the deck of the trailer for transporting steel bar and tube around a large steel plant.

Model IP50EP

Model IP50EP – 5 tonne lifting capacity designed with an elevating platform, it would move under the load and then elevate by up to a 150mm to allow the load to be safely and effortlessly moved around a factory.

Model IP150ST

Model IP150ST – Trailer designed and manufactured for a large transformer manufacturing company, the low deck height was key to facilitate to the movement of the units on the trailer around the site possible.

Model IP150TT

Model IP150TT – Deck size 5250 x 2000mm twin turntable capacity of 15,000 kgs, 6mm thick mild steel chequer plate deck with 4nr removable bulkheads which house 280mm roller journals to store and transport impress rollers.

Model IP10ST

Model IP10ST – Deck size 3150 x 2500mm x 1800mm headroom, keruing hardwood deck and roller shutter doors to each side it has a removable centre posts to allow for large loads to be transported.