Flat Deck Trailers

Flat deck trailers are often thought to be one of the most versatile and effective methods of carrying heavy loads or fragile equipment and materials.

A flat deck trailer can provide efficient transportation solutions and are built to be durable and easy to move. The trailers can be towed behind a tow tractor or fork-lift truck and can be built with your exact requirements in mind. Many of these flat deck trailers can be towed from either end with the addition of a removable drawbar, making them a versatile transportation solution.

flat deck trailer

Model IP120TT – Deck size 3500 x 1500mm twin turntable and a capacity of 12,000 kgs, 2 number removable skeletal frames located on the deck of the trailer for transporting steel bar and tubes.

Model IP150TT

Model IP150TT – Deck size 5250 x 2000mm twin turntable,6 mm thick mild steel chequer plate deck with removable bulkheads housing journals to store and transport impress rollers.

Model IP150ST

Model IP150ST – Deck size 5000 x 2000mm capacity 15,000 kgs, skeletal construction with 4nr 600mm locating pads in each corner to carry process stillages through the production line.

Model IP150TT

Model IP150TT – With a deck size 6000 x 3000mm with a 15,000kgs load capacity, solid tyres and twin turntable steering, also with slot in and removable drawbar to fit either end.

Model IP38ST

Model IP38ST – Deck size 3048 x 2440mm single turntable, skeletal deck construction and twist locks at each corner, it also have full road lights and leaf spring suspension.

Model IP40ST

Model IP40ST – Single turntable trailer with a 4,000 kgs capacity for a specific working surroundings, it is hot dipped galvanized to protect it from a harsh working environment