Flat Bed Trailers

Most working environments today require easy and effortless transportation of materials and goods. Flat bed trailers provide the ideal solution to this problem. They can be designed with most jobs in mind.

There are many varieties of flat bed trailers, in terms of design and shapes, with many options available which include (but not limited to) single or twin turntable, various deck finishes, removable sides or stanchions, PVC coated canvas covers, various wheels and tyre options and braking systems

Flat bed trailers are robust and highly durable, which makes them suitable for transportation of a wide variety of materials and goods.

flat bed trailer

Model IP40ST – Extending Flat Bed Trailer 4,000 kgs capacity with deck designed to carry gas bottles, with pneumatic tyres and suspension for a smooth secure ride.

Model IP200TT

Model IP200TT – Trailer with a payload of 20,000 kgs this platform trailer has been designed with guides to transport crucibles of hot molten aluminium Robust and highly durable

Model IP 20 ST

Model IP 20 ST – Trailer.2000 kgs capacity standard single turntable platform trailers with keruing half lap hardwood decking and solid tyres for heavy industrial use.

Model IP2ST

Model IP2ST – Capacity 200 kg specifically designed for limited access on gantry platforms aboard oil rigs, lifting lugs for movement between platforms.

Model IP30TT

Model IP30TT – Platform with sockets for slot in stanchions for the moving of aircraft parts, fitted with a plywood deck and rubber overlay to minimise damage during transport.

Model IP50TT

Model IP50TT – Flat Bed Trailer twinturntable 5,000kgs load capacity, platform dimensions of 4000mm x 1200mm, hardwood decking including a 30mm towing eye.