Factory Trailers

Alexander trailers create factory trailers that are designed to work in complex operational environments. Design and manoeuvrability are one of the greatest functions of a factory trailer to ensure that goods and equipment can be transported easily and swiftly through the shop floor or around tight corridors. We manufacture factory trailers that protect and secure your load and make sure that each load can be accessed easily within the busy environment.

Many different options are available when designing a factory trailer and several different factors will be taken into consideration dependant on your own needs. Each factory is completely different so we believe that custom made trailers are essential in providing the best service possible. If an off-the-shelf trailer is of little use to your company, contact us for advice about a custom built design. Factory trailers are designed with efficiency in mind and we at Alexander Trailers will do our utmost to create a trailer that is perfect for the job in hand.

Nissan Engine Trailer

Nissan Engine Trailer – Factory Trailer for moving up to 10 engines power units between assembly lines is vital to keeping targets.

factory trailer

Model IP5ST – Factory Trailer deck size 2400 x 1400mm single turntable with a capacity of 500 kgs, the trailers are designed to remove waste for recycling direct to the recycling area