Drawbar Trailers

Drawbar trailers offer increased cargo carrying capacity and allow for greater operational flexibility. Removable drawbars enables towing from either end of the trailer for flexibility and increased manoeuvrability. A drawbar trailer can be manufactured as a standard flat deck trailer or custom made as a box, cage or curtain side trailer to suit your individual requirements.

Durable and easy to maintain, drawbar trailers have many varied uses within all working environments. These trailers can be towed singly or in multiple, they can be towed behind a forklift truck (which can be used to load and unload) or behind specifically designed battery or diesel powered tractors. At Alexander Trailers each drawbar trailer will be created to incorporate specific needs and our designers will take into consideration all aspects of load-carrying criteria.

Model IP80ST

Model IP80ST – These were specifically designed for DHL at a tyre manufacturing facility , the trailers had extra headroom to carry a number of tyre stillages from production to warehousing.

Model IP250TT

Model IP250TT – Twin turntable, 25,000 kgs load capacity oscillating axles inline across the full width and removeable drawbar to allow towing from either end for all applications

Drawbar Trailer

Draw Bar Trailers deck size 5700mm x 2350mm, 35,000 kgs load capacity. An all steel platform gives the unit a very robust feature for any heavy duty applications.





Model IP5ST

Model IP5ST – Deck size 1200 x 800mm single turntable this trailer has solid bulkheads and half drop sides and a removable PVC coated canvas cover to protect the contents from the elements.

Model IP20ST

Model IP20ST – Deck size 4050 x 2700mm, headroom 2350mm capacity 2,000 kgs, this trailer was designed to transport light fittings from the production line to the warehousing facility.

Model IP10ST

Model IP10ST – Deck size 3500 x 2000mm single turntable and capacity of 10,000 kgs, this trailer has a 22mm thick keruing hardwood deck over-run braking system