Tank Trailers

Tank trailers (also known as ‘tanker trailers’) are the perfect solution for transporting liquid-based loads, such as water and fuel, in a safe manner. All of our tank trailers are securely contained. This ensures that there is no leakage during transportation or when being loaded.

Stability is a key factor for any tanker trailer in order to make sure the contents are safely contained. Alexander Trailers are experts in the manufacturing of tank trailers. We strive to design solutions that are both stable and maneuverable to meet the high-pressure demands of liquid base transportation.

Tank Trailer

Model IP100SA – Load capacity 10,000 kgs.What ever the size, shape or capacity a tank trailer can be designed and manufactured to transport your load securely and safely.

Model IP100ST

Model IP100ST – Designed to move specific liquids around the site, the customer specific needs were designed into the trailer to ensure the process was made as efficient as possible.

Model IP60ST

Model Model IP60ST – Each companies requirements are different, our site survey will identify these needs and through our design and manufacturing process a solution can be provided.

Model IP30SA

Model IP30SA – Water Bowser units.Capacity 3000 kgs. Our tank and chassis trailer specifications are built from a standard design platform with many options available to suit all applications.