Curtain Side Trailers

Curtain side trailers are designed to facilitate loading and access of goods and equipment. Curtain sides are often on rollers and hoops and secured with straps or Velcro fastenings.This makes unloading much more efficient and organised.

Curtain sided trailers also ensure that your goods and equipment are kept clean and are protected from the elements. Alexander Trailers can create and manufacture a curtain side trailer that is specifically design for your company’s load-carrying needs. Size, weight and height of load will all be contributing factors in the design and manufacture of the trailer.

Custom Designed Curtain Sided Trailers Designed To Meet Your Load Carrying Needs

Curtain sides for trailers can be made out of various materials and secured in a variety of ways to suit your specifications. Our experts can advise you about curtain side trailers and the best design for your needs, so contact us today.

curtain side trailers

Model IP20ST – Capacity 2000kgs 4 of 12 manufactured for Caterpillar Desford these curtain sided trailers are used to deliver parts to the production line quickly and efficiently.

Model IP200TT

Model IP200TT – Manufactured to carry steel coils, specifically designed for use with overhead cranes, the curtain cover is on rollers and hoops to facilitate the loading and to protect load.

Model IP80TT

Model IP80TT – Deck size 5200 x 2500mm headroom 3300mm twin turntable with a capacity of 8,000kgs. These trailers were designed for DHL at a major tyre manufacturing facility.

Model IP20ST

Model IP20ST – Deck size 4050 x 2700mm, headroom 2350mm capacity 2,000 kgs, this trailer was designed to transport light fittings from the production line to the warehousing facility.