Cage Trailers

Cage trailers are perfect for transporting heavy, industrial loads as well as tools and equipment. The trailers with fixed rear and front skeletal bulkheads and drop down sides are a popular choice for many workplaces that require easy collection and transportation of equipment or waste. For more complex or heavyweight tasks, Alexander Trailers can create custom built cage trailers to specific requirements.

Whether you require a high or low deck trailer, hydraulic or manual loading or need cage trailers with exceptional manoeuvrability facilitated by a tight turning circle, Alexander Trailers can provide the solution. Talk to one of our experts who can recommend the most suitable cage trailer for your workplace needs.

cage trailer

Model IP12CS – Deck size 4300 x 2350mm deck height 1500mm, designed for a waste management company to load wheelie bin off loading bays or the floor and return then to the compactors.

Model IP12CS

Model IP12CS – Capacity 1200 kgs.This trailer is designed to move wheelie bins and containers around the basement of the new Liverpool One Shopping Centre all the bins are based at loading bay height.

Model IP10ST

Model IP10ST – Deck size 1200 x 800mm with fixed skeletal bulkheads and half drop down sides, found in many workplaces it is used for collecting cardboard and general waste for recycling.

Model IP20ST

Model IP20ST – Load capacity 2000 kgs this trailer was designed and made as ground support equipment to help facilitate the wheel change process on aircraft situated internally in hangers.

Model IP10ST

Model IP10ST – Caged Trailer. Capacity 2000kgs with PVC coated canvas cover which is manufactured to fit over the frame and then stowed in the rear under floor compartment when taken off the trailer.

Model IP5ST

Model IP5ST – Cage Trailer.Deck size 1200 x 800mm single turntable with fixed front and rear bulkhead and half drop down sides, this trailer has an optional PVC coated canvas cover to protect the contents from the elements.