Catering Trailers

Transporting food trolleys and catering equipment requires specifically designed catering trailers. This ensures that a high quality and efficient service is provided. For a trailer that provides quality, reliability and innovation contact Alexander Trailers. We will ensure that each design meets each individual company’s requirements and needs. Catering trailers can be manufactured to almost any specification and the design will be unique to your business.

Our experience and knowledge means that all our materials and manufacturing is of exceptionally high quality. Every catering trailer is completely suited to the environment and task to which it is created. For further information about catering trailers, speak to one of our experts.

Catering trailer

Model IP50ST – 1 of 3 purpose built trailers for transporting large quantities of stationary / equipment around a large government site.

Model IP50TT

Model IP50TT – 5000 kgs capacity complete with twin ackerman steering for greater manourability in confined areas. Lockable shutter door.

Model IP15ST

Model IP15ST – Capacity 2000kgs designed with a hydraulic tail lift or rear tailgate, these box trailers transport upto 8 food trolleys at a time around a large HMP site in Acklington Northumberland.

Model IP25TA

Model IP25TA – Catering Trailer. Deck size 5700 x 1600mm with a 2,500 kgs capacity, twin rear axle with a rigid ‘A’ frame drawbar and jockey wheel used for transporting food trollies around a hospital.