Baggage Trailers

Baggage trailers can be box, cage or curtain side trailers.They can be designed to whatever specifications you need. A baggage trailer can facilitate swift, safe and secure access of all baggage through airports and runways. Designed with maneuverability and easy access in mind.

Our trailers are created according to your individual needs, taking into account weight and dimensions of load and loading requirements. Security is also a feature that is taken into account so each trailer is designed to keep contents secure to ensure peace of mind and safety.

Airport Baggage Trailers

Alexander trailers develop baggage trailers that are custom made and individually suited to your business and the function which they must perform.

Baggage Trailer

Model IP5ST

Model IP5ST – Towed singly or in multiples. They can also be manouvered manually with the use of a T handle or increasing in size they can be towed behind battery or diesel tow tractors

Baggage Trailer

Model IP20ST – Capacity 2000 kgs large curtain sided cargo or baggage trailers.These trailers were designed and manufactured for Newcastle International Airport.

airport baggage trailer design

Model IP20TT – Heavy duty roller bed cargo dolleys designed to assist with the efficient and safe unloading of large cargo containers used at major airports worldwide.