Nestle Water UK Ltd production plant

Moving parts and products around a production line is a key part of the production process, and something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

castor steer trolleys

Nestle Water UK Limited have recently opened a new production plant in Buxton and we have worked closely with them through their materials handling supplier to provide a solution to ensure that this can be done efficiently.

Torlley Coupling

The castor steer trolleys have been designed to carry and distribute the product to point of use on the line, the trolleys are towed in multiples, disconnected and positioned adjacent to the operator.

The castor wheel selection, drawbar design, auto rear couplings, rad stop ground brake and chassis design were all key to ensure maneuverability, durability and ease of use for the operator.

Production Line Equipment

The chassis was designed as a base to carry standard pallets with securing pockets to allow any configuration or load attachments, the photographs shows a shelving unit that is slot in/removable and adjustable, this allows the trolleys to be utilised to carry any load – capacity permitting!!

Alexander Trailers Team